Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time is flying but at the same time seems like it is standing still....

Have you ever felt like that? I feel like this summer has flown by in some ways and other ways I feel like October will never get here. I have really enjoyed this summer and come to a few conclusions that I will share with you. These are very random thoughts but this is what has been on my mind these days.
1.) Work weeks should only be 4 days. I think that America needs to establish 4 day work weeks or institute much more vacation.
2.) Milk should not cost so much.
3.) Mobile needs a Publix
4.) There should be one nationally celebrated and recognized by all holiday every month!

that's my thoughts!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Feeling Normal"

This past week has been an incredibly hard week as well as an amazing week wrapped in one. I got the opportunity to take some high school friends to a Young Life camp and I would say most had the best week of their summer. It was so much fun. I had mixed emotions going but also had an amazing week and it felt great getting to do "normal" summer activities to be. The day we left for camp was my due date. I believe that this day brought about emotions that I was not expecting but it was good to be occupied with all the details of going to camp. Going to camp really helped me begin to believe that I am on the road to recovery and I am beginning to believe that remission is coming.

I had blood work done this past Monday and met with the Oncologist and he believes that everything is looking good. My "counts" are where they need to be and we are moving forward and waiting on time to pass. I am now released to travel where ever I would like so Michael and I are going on vacation in August. I cant fly until October so it will be close by. We are still very excited. I have also no longer have to go get blood work every week! We will decrease our visits over the next few months so in the end we will only be going once a month. How exciting. I have only missed two Mondays since the beginning of the year so I think after 7 months of doing the same thing every Monday we will celebrate.

My hair has slowly stopped falling still is a little. I look everyday for new growth and have not started that phase yet. I am so ready to not have to wear a hat to leave my house and that day is coming soon hopefully.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

staying the same...

I went for blood work on Monday and happy to say that my results from my last blood work stayed the same....THIS IS GREAT NEWS! I have now passed the six week mark with no active cancer cells. Michael thinks this time has flown by, but to me I feel like it has dragged along. Only 4 1/2 more months and the Oncologist will officially declare remission. What a blessing that will be...

On a side note...we got the bill this week for my last week of chemo that I did. That week I went every day (Mon-Fri) and so we had a total of 5 sessions for that round. Well, thank God we have insurance because just the chemo drugs were close to $5,000 per day. Yes, you read that right. I about feel out of the the chair when I read the bill. That doesn't include everything else, that is simply the DRUGS! But it worked, so I thank GOD for expensive drugs.

I am headed to camp on Sunday. I am very excited to get this opportunity. This is the first trip that I have been released to go on and so that makes me feel like I am on the road to remission. I am very excited about our group. The girls going are mostly from my campaigner group (which is just my small group that has become a large group) and I have had them for two years. This time last year they were all in my wedding, so they are very special to me.

Hope you have a great 4th!