Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big News...

We are excited to tell our friends that we have begun the adoption process. We are so excited and a little overwhelmed. We have been asked a ton of questions and really we do not know a whole lot. We have researched a ton and can share that with you, but as far as concrete details...we just do not know.

Where are we in the process: Well we have begun. We have had our first home study visit, have been fingerprinted, and have filled out all the paperwork. We have scheduled our second home study visit and our first conference call is tonight. So we are moving along and waiting all at the same time. We have been told that our fingerprints can take anywhere from 4-16 weeks to get back....anyone who has FBI/ABI pull let me know. We would love to get those back sooner.

Once we finish all of the home study process we will be cleared to move forward in the matching process. This process can take anywhere from months to years. we are praying and hoping that it will not be a long process and we will be parents soon.

We will keep you posted as the process moves forward.