Monday, April 20, 2009

We have no clue...but at least trust and believe in a God that does!

We really thought that we would know a lot of information today and that I could share with you the plan for the next few weeks.  However we really once again know nothing.  

We met with my Oncologist this morning and left with two possible reasons my numbers have not dropped.  One being persistent disease (meaning I still have cancer and it is just becoming difficult to rid) and the other reason would be that my blood work was creating a false positive.  We were hoping for the false positive which in the Oncologist words is EXTREMELY RARE and just a very strange phenomenon that my body would have developed an antibody that reacts with the test they run on my blood.  Not only is it rare, it is difficult to confirm.  

So, I continued with the same chemo today.  I got my count back a little while ago and it did indeed drop which leaves my Oncologist even more baffled.  Because the drop was more than 10%, he believes that I might still have persistent disease.  I am going in tomorrow for more blood work that will try to confirm this or give the doctors a different direction to go.  As for now, we are waiting again.  We will probably not know anything more until next Monday when we get the results from the new blood work.  Good thing-- I am back to meeting with the Oncologist weekly instead of every other week so maybe it will not be so long in between information.  

Thanks for continuing to pray.  

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