Monday, May 18, 2009

Ever had a take home I.V.?

Well, it is Monday and we have lots of news.  We met with the doctor and after talking to him and hearing what he had to say, we decided to do the test and we also started chemo today.  We...who do I think I am...Macy started chemo today.  She is a champ!  The picture here is of Macy's new take home I.V.  Basically, this IV will stay in for a few days so she does not have to get stuck every day.  This chemo is given through the IV, rather than a shot. 

Macy will be doing chemo every day for a week and will then not have treatment the following week, and then will be back on for the following week.  We are hopeful that this will be a short term solution and will knock this thing out this time.

Please join with us in prayer.  We feel them and need them.  Thank you all so much for the support and help.  We are not sure how this chemo will be effect Macy.  Not sure how sick it will make her or what all the side effects will be.  This first week will tell us alot.  So far tonight, she is doing okay.

Thanks for checking up on Macy...and us!

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Anna said...

this was posted on a friends blog today
( and i thought of you:

deut. 31:8 says "the Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. do not be afraid and do not be discouraged!praying for you and love you!!!