Tuesday, June 9, 2009

out, out, and away

My hair is officially falling out.  I am not sure if it is all going to fall out or not but I have begun to have bald spots.  This has probably been the hardest part of this whole journey (other than the initial shock of "you have cancer" and "your cancer has returned").  So, next time you might see me, I might be bald or have a hair cut that matches my husbands.  Each morning I get up and there is a ton of hair in my bed.  I have decided to quit brushing my hair altogether to see if it will slow the process.  It is absolutely amazing (or depressing) how much hair comes out if I run my hand through my hair.  People have asked if it is coming out in chunks..not mine...it comes out in sheets....And in case you did not know....Losing my hair has hurt.  My scalp has a constant pain.  It is much like if your hair was in a french braid real tight for way too long.  When you take it down that sensation is what I have constantly.  
I had REALLY THICK HAIR....not so much anymore.  This is a small portion of what has falling out in the last day or so.....

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