Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do people really read other people's blogs?

Last night, my husband became intrigued that I would actually read other people's blogs. I laughed at him and said I thought it was so neat to be able to catch up with so many friends from high school through their blogs. He laughed and said I was not "catching up" but rather getting in the know. I agreed but came to the realization that I still LIKE IT! I feel like I am more connected to so many of them. So, I like the blog world! I am not great at it but I am going to venture more into this thing and see what I can learn myself.


Anna said...

yes...people really do read other peoples blogs and then link to other peoples blogs from those blog and read those to only find more blogs to read from there. addicted...yeah, me too! i'm so happy to know you have a blog! hope ya'll are doing well!

Shelley said...

feel free to stalk my blog if you have not already. i just stalked yours after i stalked your facebook page to see if i could find out details about the cancer. robyn heard somehow and told me. i am sorry you are having to walk through this but He is definitely already getting glory through your attitude and boldness in telling the doctor who was going to heal you. praying for you all. so glad your numbers are dropping so fast!

Allison said...

I get totally addicted to other peoples blogs...I have really enjoyed reading yours this morning. You write so candidly. Please tell your Mom I said hello. I hope you remember me too! We went to high school together, I was Allison Greathouse way back then. I had your Mom for Psychology one year, but I don't remember if we ever had any classes together. If you want to follow my