Friday, October 2, 2009


I am officially in remission! We are so excited. I will begin the phases of coming off of different medications and begin a different chapter in life. Thanks for praying for us throughout the past 10 months. It has been a hard journey but we have been able to see the Lord work in our lives in powerful ways. I now can say I am a cancer survivor!
I will blog more soon, but wanted to get the word out today.

We have had quite a week. We got a contract on our house on Monday. Heard I was in remission on Wednesday, and put a contract on another house today..... If you want to know what it is like in our house... this is it. Stick with us to get the news of next week!


travisandstephanie said...

This is such a great way for me to start the weekend off. I am so happy to hear that God has healed you and answered our prayers. I hope to see you guys at the game next Saturday. Woo hoo to no more cancer!!

Anna said...

two words: PRAISE GOD!!!!

Evan said...