Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We are moving....

The week I found out I was in remission or NED (no evidence of disease) we also got a contract on our house and made an offer on a new house. It was a busy week but very exciting for us. The day is now approaching our closings and we are getting excited.

I am a little sentimental towards my house because it was my first house and I
have had a lot of first things happen while living in it. I have
loved my neighborhood and really have great relationships with some of my neighbors that I will miss.

our current house....

But, we are SO EXCITED about our new house. We are moving on Halloween to a great neighborhood and cant wait. Michael's sister and brother-in-law will live across the street so we will get to see our niece and nephews a lot! We can't wait. This house has a great back yard and is exactly what we were hoping to get in.
our new house!


Robbie Cape said...

Congrats on both the house and remission.

Anna said...

congrats on the new house! it's beautiful!