Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my favorite time of year...

Many have asked for an update so I guess I need to be better with the blog...
No news is good news though. I am cancer free and feeling great. My hair is growing back and I no longer wear hats.... YEAH! I am however sporting the "chemo curl" but glad to have hair. I have had board straight hair my entire life and now having to learn what to do with frizzzzzzz. Every day is a new hair day.

Life for us has been full.... We moved into our new house on Halloween day and have been trying to get the house in order ever since. We are finally settled (and decorated) and now it is Christmas season which for me in my job is a busy time of year.

My challenge has been to slow done and enjoy this season. I love this season and really want to be able to sit and soak it in.

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