Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miller Aubrey Schultz is here!

We are proud to introduce you to Miller Aubrey Schultz.  Mills was born Feb 13, 2011.  It has been an amazing journey and one that we will be forever be thankful for.  

On Wednesday, January 26, 2011 we got a phone call about a little boy that was due February 23.  We were told that we were a great fit for what this birth mom was wanting in his forever family.  We were presented that day and told she had picked us that Friday.  We were thrilled.  

The wait then moved from being matched to waiting on the birth mom to deliver.  We got the amazing call Sunday 2/13/11 as we were walking into our typical after church Mexican restaurant.  Michael and I left immediately and headed home to throw together all of our clothes and needed stuff and buy plane tickets.  God was good and we were able to get on the next flight out of Mobile.  These flights were not showing up on the websites at all and thought we might not be abel to get out until the next morning, but after Michael called the airlines they were able to get us on.  We flew and flew and flew or at least it felt that way.  The travel time was about 8 hours but seemed like 24 hours.  We arrived in Utah and had about an hour drive to meet our son.  The hospital nurses were AMAZING and  so excited for us.  We got there and had the amazing opportunity to just sit and hold and love on him all night.  He is beautiful.  
We were all released from the hospital the next day and he is now "home" with us in the hotel until we clear the ICPC process to bring him home to Alabama.  Hopefully this will go smoothly and we will be coming home next week.

We cant wait to share the whole story....

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