Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LIfe as we know it has changed...

We are having a blast.  Our family has gone from 2 to 3 and many things have changed but I wouldn't go back.  We are loving our little man honestly more than I even thought possible.  It has been amazing to have the community of friends and family around us.  LIFE IS FULL AND FUN.

Mills has changed so much already.  He is just 7 weeks old but has grown over 5 inches and actually is growing out of clothes.  He has doubled his birth weight and looks totally different.  He is smiling (and pouting) and has started rolling over.  My mom calls him "perpetual motion" because he really never stops moving.  Michael has taught him all about basketball as we have watched a lot of the the tournament.  I really think his first word might be ball because he has heard it so much in the last few weeks.

Drake loves Mills and is getting really comfortable with him.

Mills killer smirk!

 His grin!

 The POUT!  He has gotten really good at poking out the bottom lip.

 All my boys watching the final NCAA Basketball game.

Mills sleeping in the Moses basket

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