Monday, April 18, 2011

Our little man is changing so fast...

I honestly look at the pictures of Mills over the past two months and get a little sad.  I can not believe how much he has changed in such a short two months.  We are having the time of our lives as parents and are getting into a pretty good little routine.  Even though it has only been two months, I cant imagine life before seems like he has been a part of our lives much longer.

Mills is two months and some of his favorite things:
*  loves the swing and would spend hours in it
*  to take a bath... he loves the water
*  started taking a new paci in the last week
*  to sit facing out so he can see the world

Mills was 11lbs 6oz and 22 3/4 inches long at his two month appointment.  We have a growing little boy.

and look at him change...
           2 weeks                                            2 months

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