Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a little bit closer...but still not zero

Well my nurse called this morning with "the count" and it is not what I was hoping for. It is still dropping and that is the most important thing. The frustrating part to me is that I want it to be zero and it is just taking my body a little longer than I was hoping for to reach this point. I have never been a "patient waiter" and so this is really giving me fits. But, the good news is that it continues to fall and at least "the count" is going in the right direction.

I seem to be tolerating week 8 of chemo better than week 7. I have not had near the side effects so far this week so that is definitely good for my spirits. I hope I am not speaking too soon but last week, I knew things were going to rough by about Monday afternoon. I am counting on a great week!

Michael had a guys weekend with a bunch of friends from college days. He had so much fun and looks forward to this weekend every year. His main comments were about how good they ate. Since he was gone, I decided I was going to have girls time. My mom and grandmother came this weekend and it was great to get to hang out with them. (Dad...well turkey season opened yesterday and you can imagine where he was all weekend) My grandmother took a really bad fall a while back and broke her wrist and had to have stitches in her face and the last time I saw her she did not look too good. But, this weekend she was back to her spunky self and looked great.

that is what we have been up too....

Hope all is well with you and that you are able to enjoy the spring weather all week!

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