Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And they keep falling.....

That is "the count" keeps falling. I am very excited to tell you that the number is now 3500! My typical pattern has been that "the count" is cut in half each week. THIS IS NOT TYPICAL. I am way ahead of schedule. I was really hoping for a 0 count, but I will take 3500 all day. This is better than half of last week. The nurses and my Oncologist are still amazed that the numbers are falling so fast. I am amazed but not surprised.

Monday marked my 4th week of chemo. My parents came in town this weekend and went with me to get my chemo. This was an experience! My dad is not the most patient man, and we had to wait forever this week. We were in the chemo room for over 2 hours, and my dad got to know all of the other patients, the nurses, and every piece of equipment in the room. I have realized that it is deep within every man that goes into a new surrounding to touch and explore all the different pieces of equipment in the chemo room. Michael and my dad have both explored this room thoroughly. The main conversation in the chemo room this week was why gas stations serve the best fried chicken! Rest assured that no chemo patient was talking about this, but all the visitors and nurses were intrigued by this concept.

I still really know nothing more about the cancer other than my counts are falling and that is good news. We are praying that I will hit the ZERO mark in the next few weeks and then proceed with more scans and tests to see where I stand.

As far as questions.....
How many weeks of chemo do I receive?
Indefinetly. I will receive chemo as long as I have cancer. When I get to the remission point, I will still receive chemo 2-4 weeks after that and then be monitored monthly for a couple of years.

How is Michael?
He is great! He is relieved that the numbers are falling and that the cancer is gettin' a whoopin' and that I am feeling so much better. He has been the greatest support I could have ever dreamed of.

That is about life as we know it. We are still keeping a busy schedule and really loving life still. We have really been blessed to have so much community around us right now. It amazes us and encourages us to get facebook messages, emails, and phone calls each week to know people are thinking of us and then checking on how I am progressing. It truly has been a blessing that we can not put words around.

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travisandstephanie said...

Such great news! I am continuing to pray for you and am glad I have "discovered" your blog. I love you guys!!