Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It is Fat Tuesday...so we have to wait for the results!

Here in Mobile, a lot of places are closed for Fat Tuesday.  Well, apparently the USA Cancer Institute observes the holiday as well so we will wait until tomorrow for my results of the week.
I did go in Monday for my 5th consecutive week of chemo.  As Michael and I were waiting for the doctor, we talked about how crazy it seems that we are 5 weeks into this journey.  It really seems that some weeks fly by, and others have seemed to go on forever.   My oncologist basically said that I am on track and hopefully headed for remission.  He believes that I will have a minimum of 4 more weeks of chemo.  This was somewhat of a disappointment for me, but I think he might be surprised again. 

Many have asked about my experience so here is where Monday starts...

This is the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute...
...more pics to follow

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