Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things change the cancer world!

Yesterday I heard from the nurse that I was going to need a little help getting my WBC (white blood count) back into a safe range.  I was headed in to get an IV when they called and said that I would only need a few injections...YEAH.  I thought this was much better because it would be so much quicker.  Twenty minutes later, the nurse got in touch with my doctor and he said he was going to do NOTHING!  Hip hip Hooray!   My oncologist said that the range is expected with the amount of chemo I am on and that he would watch it for another week before doing anything.  So, there was no visit to "the institute" yesterday.  That is about how fast things change in the "cancer world."
Someone asked me yesterday what the worst part of this whole experience has been.  I am not sure I can really put words around that yet.  As of now, I would say the first weekend when we found out and the excruciating wait over the weekend.  As for side effects with my chemo, it changes each week.  This week the mouth ulcers have been especially bad.  I told someone yesterday that I feel like I have "chicken pox of the mouth" but without the itch.  When I looked in my mouth this morning that is the thought that came to mind.  I have a great mouth wash that usually helps a lot but for some reason this week the ulcers are laughing back at that wash.  Oh well....I know this will pass soon.  

A little story that should be in the category of "out of the mouth of babes...."  My 5 year old neighbor came over yesterday and wanted to pull on my hair.  So, I bent over and let her and she looked me straight in the face and said, "God answered my prayer because your hair is not going anywhere."  I smiled and considered it a kiss from the Lord.  I have my hair and he answered her prayer.

Thanks so much for following this little blog.  I hope that it keeps you up to date and as informed as possible.  It has been great hearing from so many people.  Thanks for taking the time to call, email, or facebook us.  


travisandstephanie said...

YAY for no additional shots! That is awesome! I really enjoyed your story about your little neighbor. She sounds like she would be fun to live near and is a great encouragement for ya. I will think of you and say a little pray for you every time Sam pulls my hair (which is FREQUENTLY right now.) I love you!

JOY said...

Macy and Michael!
I just saw that you have a blog about your treatment. I just read several, and am totally amazed at God's hand...working on you!! YAY! Thanks for updating us all...helps me know how to pray!

I'm praying! Miss you guys!
Joy Simonson