Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Pics of My Monday's at "The Institute"

As promised, here are some more pics of my experiences.  Enjoy the glimpse into my Monday's!

Here I am sitting in one of the comfy chairs waiting on my chemo.

Here is the nurses station in the chemo room.  This is where they get ready to give me the shots and where they hangout with me.

This is the world's greatest help if you have to get a shot...this freezes the spot before they stick me and I love this stuff so much.  It is the same stuff they freeze off moles and warts.

Here are my chemo shots.  Yes they are bright yellow.  Yes they get stuck in my butt.  Yes it hurts a bit.  Yes, my nurse Terri is great and I appreciate how much she tries to make it as painless as possible.

Here is a picture of the chemo room.  The nurses try to make it as pleasant a place as possible.  As soon as you walk in, they call me by name and ask me if I want a drink.  I can sit where I want and they always have a smile for everyone in there.

Well, that is a look at my Monday's at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.  This place has become a part of my life and I am so thankful that we have a place like this here.

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