Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Prayed: He is answering!

Yesterday I had my third week of chemo. We have almost gotten into a pattern and know what to expect. I know when my side effects seem to peak, and I know when I will feel the best. We have also gotten into a routine of anticipating "the count" on Tuesdays. This number is the determining number to tell us how much longer we will be on this journey. Today I began calling at 8:20 to find out that number, and I am sure that I am driving the nurses crazy. A little after lunch she called and gave me GREAT NEWS!

I should first back track and tell you that this number should be 0, so that is our goal. The first week, my number was 93,000. (It is never good to hear the Doctor say you have "a count" that is through the roof.) We were prepped and coached on what to expect, and so we were not really anticipating any significant change until next week. The Dr. had actually told us not to expect a change unless the number INCREASED first. Last week we heard that the number had dropped significantly, and that was to around 67,000. (That is when I thought I would jump through the phone last week...see previous post)

So, this week we were not sure what to expect. I think I honestly thought it might go up this week. When my nurse finally called on Tuesday, she was excited to tell me that "the count" had dropped to 22,269. Yep! You are reading that right. "THE COUNT" is dropping so FAST. The nurse said she had never see someone respond so well to chemo! Yeah, I screamed again, and I still think she believes I am crazy. I then told her that when I go into remission, I would be more than glad to do a commercial for her. We are so excited, and we know that the Lord is answering your prayers as well as ours.

and more answers to a few more ?'s we have been asked....

Did I have a Molar Pregnancy to cause this?
No! I did have a miscarriage, but I did not have a molar pregnancy. The type of cancer I have is not from or caused from a Molar Pregnancy. It is a totally different cancer.

How long will I receive chemo?
We do not know. I will receive chemo as long as I have cancer. After I go into remission, I will receive 3-5 more weeks of chemo.

Am I sick all the time?
No! I have more good days than bad. I do have some side effects, but I know that they will pass as well.

What is the worst side effect?
Depends on the day you ask. My blood is thinner, so I have been able to relate real well to my grandmother who freezes all the time. But, my worst side effect is probably the mouth ulcers caused by the chemo.

We still covet your prayers. We realize that we still have many more weeks to go but want to celebrate what the Lord is doing right now.

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buttercakesbyevan said...

Macy, we are so happy to read this wonderful news!!! We love you so very much!
-Evan & Drew